For some reason, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns still get a bad rap from time to time. The most logical reason for this is that there are still a number of misconceptions around this form of advertising. Like with anything else, trying to figure out the best places to allocate advertising dollars is by doing your research and getting all the facts before you make a decision. First let’s address some of the negative information you may have heard about PPC campaigns.  Some of the terms that are most often talked about are: Keyword bidding, Bid price inflation and Click Fraud.

Getting the right keywords is crucial in attracting the right customers to your site. But many companies get caught up in trying to bid on too many keywords that are not directly related to the products/information they are trying to sell. The point here is to narrow your hits to people that are most likely to want what you are selling. Having hundreds or thousands of hits is of no value if they are not turning into valid sales. The trick is to narrow your keywords to ones that are specific to your business.

Bid price inflation really boils down to making sure you are zoning in on your target market in order to produce the best scenario when it comes to convertible clicks. Since PPC advertising has seen a substantial increase in the number of companies using this form of advertising; vigilance is key in maintaining a positive ROI (Return on Investment).

Click fraud, in fact, any kind of internet fraud, is a fact of life in today’s marketplace.  False clicks can cost your company money. The trick here is to make sure your PPC campaign is being monitored by a professional PPC service provider. This will ensure that you are getting your money’s worth and that the clicks being generated are valid.

The bottom line is that PPC advertising campaigns do work – if they didn’t, companies both large and small would not be using them. The key to making sure that your PPC campaign is working for you is to choose a PPC service provider that has a proven industry record in all aspects of Internet marketing and can offer you a variety of online marketing options. There are of course many advantages to PPC which we will talk about in an upcoming blog.

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