There is a divide even among businesses that have whole heartedly “bought into” the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) being a vital component of their online marketing plan. On one side of the fence there are those that hire a professional SEO provider and then simply walk away and want nothing more to do with it. The other side has likewise selected to go with a professional SEO marketing firm but instead of walking away, stay involved in all aspects of the process.

Those companies that have made the decision to be an active participant in their marketing and SEO plans typically see a better ROI (Return on Investment) and a significantly larger increase in their market share. Even businesses that have a dedicated marketing department should involve all staff members in various parts of the marketing plan. Any successful business can tell you that gone are the days when a website alone will help you get new customers.

There are so many aspects to any good website that input from employees is essential. Even in areas like content development; employees can get involved in things like blogs, FAQs, workplace photos, etc. Keeping staff engaged has also proven to be a great morale booster which in turn has positive effects on production in the workplace.

Another area that should be constantly monitored is community events, fundraisers, office sporting events; in short, anything that your company is involved in on a local basis. Obviously there has to be one channel, department or person that all this information goes through but companies that value their employee’s input and make it part of their online marketing plan will stay streets ahead of the competition.

Remember that the world of marketing is constantly changing especially when you look at online marketing. Staying involved is the best way to ensure the public sees what you want them to see.

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